ADIMAXas the name implies is automatic (D) distribution (I) integrated max controls systems. ADIMAX CONTROLS TECH. is registered with the CAC. Base on the rapid development of the technologies industries in the world today, ADIMAX controls offers strategic solution in the design and implementation of batteries, cable network (conduct,surface,overheads,etc),ICT, instrumentation and controls, security systems, solar system i.e. renewable energy, access controls, metals fabrications and transformer/street light design. Some of our luxury domestic Lighting flitting and equipment are also designed to meet our client needs across a wide range of sector.
In the past few years ADIMAX has grown to partner with reliable overseas companies in the United state of America, United Kingdom People’s Republic of china and Indian to provide leading Intelligent solution related to various form of batteries perimeter system, metal detector and Scanner, digital lock and safe, burglary & fire alarms, time and attendance system, automatic gates, Revolving and sliding doors etc.
Many of our technologies and innovations have long term warranty which we offer to our clients at present. We say that ADIMAX controls is one of the major suppliers & installation of batteries and access control coupled with many other security and industrial electrical installation with controls stationed in Nigeria.
We own extensive knowledge, rich experience and high quality product in this field to serve our customers our company goal is to provide high quality standard equipment that will give our client good value for their money.
Majority of our products are design with the name ADIMAX to avoid substandard imitations in our market today. This is to our client the assurance of not being panic and has confidence with our installation.


Services and solution of solar system, access controls, CCTV, perimeter systems, and general electrical/electronics.


To grow renewable energy and electronic security system in Nigeria domestic and industrial usage