A systematic process of manufacturing different batteries with a minimum of 2 year and maximum of 25 years warranty,example lithium battery 5-25 years warranty,GTA-RLA deep cycle battery of 2-7 years warranty,AGM battery of 1-3 years warranty,tubular battery of 5-10 years warranty,alkaline single cell battery that can be used for UPS backup from 10-100Kva,elevator battery and UPS battery for hotel and school management system backups.inverter and solar battery backup eg, 2V,6V,8V and 12V design from 1mAh-500Ah. HTL for car and inverter in partnership with America,China an India to meet up universal standard and need and also to avoid substandard production of battery in our days. our priority is to chase fake batteries away from the market.our warranty stands according to the specification in your demand.